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Dear Hoyt,
20 years ago, we invested in a set of Tropitone deck furniture. It has lived 12 of its 20 years outdoors on an uncovered porch, and half its life (including the past 7 years) it was inside a screen porch. The frames have held up beautifully, underscoring the smart investment in the higher end product, but the slings had weathered, were stained and were starting to shred and tear under normal body weight. You can see the leaf debris stain and two tears in the seats in the "before " photo.

We watched several You Tube videos on how to repair the slings and decided that this was a do-it-yourself job. Oh, HOW WRONG we were!! When we attempted to remove the first sling, it turned out to be so difficult we did not attempt anything else. After significant on line research, it appeared that Patio Sling King had everything we needed: convenience, cost savings, and fantastic customer service. Only about $20 more per piece vs on-line shopping to have you come to our home, custom measure, bring fabric selections, remove the damaged slings and install new ones on iste without us ever leaving home was SO worth it. Watching you repair the furniture today reinforced my decision why this is definitely a task for an experienced craftsman. Without the right mallets, pneumatic spreader, vice grips, wrenches, grips, lubrication fluid and know-how, this would have been a giant fail had we attempted it alone. We did not even know that we were missing some endcaps until you discovered it.

As of this afternoon, our furniture looks new and updated, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Patio Sling King helped us maintain our investment and will give us another decade or two of patio furniture enjoyment. Thanks for an A+ job.

Jim and Ellie Campbell, Brookhaven

He really did a good job, it's beautiful. Looks like a brand new patio set!


Patio Sling King did a great job. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would want to use him. Hoyt is very professional, and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the results and how he conducted himself during the process.

Rudy Beilfuss

He did a really good job replacing my slings. Hoyt lived up to all my expectations. He's a nice guy.

Gail Jennings

In the 80's my husband and I purchased a patio set from a well known manufacturer. After years in the outdoors the slings/bottoms weathered and rendered the chairs unusable.

Recently, we decided to purchase a new more updated patio set and to my surprise the one we picked was the same manufacturer. We learned that we could purchase replacement slings for the existing chairs and have Patio Sling King install them for a fraction of the cost of new chairs, which we decided to do.

We couldn't be happier. The chairs were measured and we ordered slings to match the newer furniture. Patio Sling King installed them on site, which I thought was super convenient. We maximized our seating at a reasonable price and they match and look so nice.

Thank you Hoyt Millner for a job well done!

Ann Swords

He did great work, showed up on time. Hoyt was very conscientious and knowledgeableHe did great professional work; done on time. Looks very good, we are very pleased with it.

Tammy Dickie

Patio Sling King provided a cost-effective option of sling replacement rather than buying new pool furniture. The process proved seamless from Patio Sling King inspecting the furniture, attending a Board meeting, educating us on replacing the slings to installing the slings on site. The cycle time from ordering to installation was remarkable.

Arnetra, Henderson Park Condominium Association, Inc.

e did a fantastic job! He showed up when he said he was going to show up. It's perfect. He did a wonderful job!

Jackie Rose

The slings had torn, and I called a company in Dawsonville - they referred me to Hoyt and one other company. The thing that made me choose Hoyt is he brought the fabric right to the house! We could choose the right color with our lighting and surroundings. He came out and gave us a quote, told us how long it would be, and he was done right on time - to the day. His pricing was comparable to another company, but with shorter turn around time and without having to ship it anywhere. The price is exactly what he quoted.

Batina Hammond

I had some chairs that were passed down from my in laws and they had completely fallen apart... I was going to get rid of them, then i did research and found that Hoyt restores them. It was great, he came to the house, He brought fabric, and suggested painting them before adding the new slings, so they looked like new. Great service couldn't be more satisfied. My father-in-law even asked if we got new patio furniture.

Kristen Poinsette

He did great work, showed up on time. Hoyt was very conscientious and knowledgeable.

Julie Hislop

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